Thursday, October 05, 2006

Crochet Me? I Don't Mind If You Do!

I'll admit it -- I was skeptical about One Skein Secret Pal. It was a blatant marketing scheme for a book that didn't particularly wow me (I didn't actually get the book until after I signed up for the swap) and I didn't feel like I had a whole lot in common with the pal I was assigned to, so I had a hard time choosing items that I thought she'd like. Luckily, the pal assigned to me was awesome throughout -- she sent me great yarn, threw in additional goodies and had a healthy appreciation for my love of pink. I just got my final package from her (I was warned ahead that it'd come a bit past deadline and the lateness was for some very good reasons, so I didn't mind one bit) and not only did she send great stuff, but she seems like an all-around awesome person to boot.

My pal is none other than Kim Werker, who will be known to crochet addicts as the editor of Crochet Me which is kind of like the crochet version of Knitty or Magknits. She also just published her second book, Get Hooked. Since she knew I can't do it myself, Kim chose to crochet me an item rather than knit (although she can indeed knit as well) and she came up with this bobbly-textured little pouch. As the mother of a toddler my purse (which doubles as a diaper bag) is very poorly organized and I know this will come in handy. Plus I'm in love with the pink yarn and the bubbly texture. Being the gal she is, Kim also threw in a ball of beautiful Rowan tapestry and some Knit Klips, which I'm dying to try, seeing as I'm still struggling with my finishing skills.

All of this really makes me want to make good on my pledge to learn how to crochet. I love the tightness of the stitches and the sturdyness of this little pouch -- it's structured enough that there's no need for lining. With Kim and also Amy Swenson having new crochet books out and that dusty copy of the Happy Hooker on my shelf (well, actually in a box in my still unpacked basement), I have no excuse. Will 2007 be the year that the hook and I finally become friends?


Kelly said...

awwww love the little pouch. What are knit klips???

elizabooth said...

Knit Klips are awesome. They're little clips that you use to pin your knitting together so that your seams line up properly. They do the same things pins would in sewing, but they have pegs that easily slide between the stitches. I'm anxious to try them out (which would mean I actually have to make a sweater at some point).

Kim Werker said...

Hi! I'm so excited finally to be able to comment on your blog! I've been reading it since the SP thing started, so I've been biting my tongue for months. I admit I'm relieved you like the pouch - I'm pretty sure I modified the pattern from the book to the point of fault. I'm dying to go to Calgary to see Amy's store, and when I do maybe we can get together. I'm looking forward to reading about your crochet exploits!

P said...

good luck with the challenge of crochet! that purse is lovely, what a great secret pal (agree about the book!)