Thursday, December 21, 2006

Doll Revolution

Phew. My final homemade gift of the season. Meet Olive and Archie, the famed Wee Wonderful Make-a-long dolls. I learned a lot from making these little guys. They're not perfect and I pooped out before I could do details like the collar on Olive's shirt, but I'm pretty proud of these dollies. And, since I abandoned the other knitted gift I had in the works (pretty much finished, but they were slippers and deemed far too small for the recipient's foot), I'm done. Done, done, done. Plus I spent 2 and a half hours wrapping presents today, so with the exception of the box of Amazon goodies that the postman brought at 7 p.m. tonight (which in itself was a Christmas miracle -- I was sure they weren't going to arrive despite Amazon's promises to the contrary) that's done too. And it seems like the Norfolk virus that has enveloped me is done too, seeing as I scarfed down my curry dinner tonight. Yippee.

With that said, I can't really see much more blogging action going on here between now and Monday, so happy holidays to all. Give your loved ones a kiss and a hug for me.


tania said...

merry christmas to you !
have alovely holiday-these guys are cute cute!
I got that pen at the loomis on spadina near richmond- that must be a canad wide store?
if not that "dick blick" (?) online art store has them too i believe!
happy new year!~

samlamb said...

Great dolls, and perfect names!

Happy Holidays to you and yours - we miss you guys!

Theresa said...

There's nothing like handmade gifts under the tree - Merry Christmas!

P said...

those look absolutely wonderful, have a wonderful Christmas!

I am still very impressed at the 7 types of cookie, I made three this afternoon and I'm exhausted!