Monday, February 18, 2008

Colorform Me Beautiful

Poor Ruby. Everything here has been about organizing the baby's clothes, putting together the baby's bed, finding time for mommy to have a rest... She's been throwing a lot of tantrums and just generally driving me crazy, which only makes me feel more guilty. Life's hard for a three-year-old princess who's being forced to abdicate her throne.

One thing that we're having fun doing together though, is old school Colorforms. She got the set for her birthday and it's the perfect retro, not changed for the new now times kind of toy. Just plain vinyl shapes that stick to shiny work boards. Leena bought them at the suggestion of Aaron's sister's girlfriend Erin, who is a really great artist and claims that Colorforms paved the way to art school for her.

As you can see, Ruby is influenced by the work of Jackson Pollock, who she knows from the original Olivia storybook (you know, Olivia sees a Pollock at the museum and then attempts to recreate it on the wall at home, which results in a time-out). Either way, it's good times and right now I'll take just about anything that keeps down the whining about turning on the TV.

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