Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekend Thrift

Hey it's me, taking a break from my self-imposed blog hiatus. This summer has been so busy, I've barely even had time to thrift, which is just insane to me. So many garage sales, so little time. But I did hit a really crazy estate sale on the weekend -- the person in question had some pretty solid collections of random things -- mostly broken old toys and butter churns, but I did snag a couple of things.

Above, as you can see, is a decorative trio of golden nuns. If you wind them up it plays the song from the Sound of Music (you know, the nun one). I think this will come out every Christmas. I love it.

Since Aaron was busy, I had to drag the kids along and they went crazy over the mountains of crappy toys. They each snagged a lunch box (Henry wouldn't let me take his Snoopy box away from him long enough to photograph it, he loves it so) and Ruby also chose a bunch of She-ra toys. I'm about five years too old to have been a She-ra fanatic, but we did a google search to identify them. Good times!

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