Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cooky Monsters

In case you'd missed it, a few months ago I took on the insane task of "cooking my way through" Betty Crocker's 1963 classic The Cooky Book. I'm not doing it Julie Powell-style (trying to do the entire thing over the course of a year), but I'm just baking the cookies in order whenever I need new cookies in my jar. By my estimation it will take me about five to ten years to get through the 450 recipes. Just in time for my kids to be off to university.

I am pleased to announce that I've made it through the dreadfully boring first section: Cooky Primer -- Drop Cookies. Man, oh man, this has been painful. I have never been so excited to make a butterscotch brownie (the next recipe in the book). Seriously.

In other Cooky Book news that you probably don't care about, I've decided to deviate from my schedule to make Christmas cookies. I will jump ahead a few chapters and start working on those, for obvious reasons. I realize this is so completely dorky that it's comical. I am self-aware of my own insanity. And I never want to eat Molasses Jumbles again in my life.

For a full run-down on my Cooky Book adventure, swing on over to the Cooky Book tag at my other blog.


mamaloo said...

Yer such a cookie snob!

Drop cookies are my life! Or, perhaps I'm just too lazy to do more than mix and plop :)

Elizabeth said...

Seriously, I love drop cookies too. But this chapter was full of the blandest most boring cookies that could only be loved by senior citizens that lived through the depression and were deprived of delicious things like chocolate and peanut butter. I'm not dissing the drop cookies, just the ones that are flavoured with nothing but molasses.