Sunday, July 15, 2012

What, who's this?

Sorry, what's this? A post? The first in almost a year and a half? Yep. I know I've been absent. But I've had good reasons -- kids getting bigger and busier, we bought a new house and moved, husband got laid off, husband started new business, I've had to start working and writing for actual money again... but as I type them, they sound more like excuses than reasons.

 I've recently been inspired to start up here again, so start up I shall (I declare... this is really going to look embarrassing if this is the last post this blog ever sees). There will be a shift, since no time for blogging also means no time for crafty stuff, hence no crafty stuff to blog about, but I promise it will be fun. Or at the very least, I promise it will be fun for me.

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