Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Songs, Games, & Fun

I was digging through our record collection to find something suitable to play at Ruby's birthday party for that pass-the-present game where you wrap a small gift in 10 layers of wrapping paper and let the kids unwrap it musical chair-style (it's a great time killer and they seem to love it). I ended up using It's A Small World, but found this little gem while I was looking. In fact, it was the first record I pulled off the shelf. So crazy and perfect considering the havoc that was about the be unleashed into my home.

But here's the thing: how did I not know that I owned this? It seems like it would be something I would have remembered buying, right? We do have a fairly healthy record collection, but it's not so huge that I wouldn't know that I have a weird kids record from the '60s with the least photogenic collection of children ever on the cover. Where did this thing come from?

So, excuse me while I go purge my junk drawer and watch a couple of episodes of Hoarders to inspire me to get my house in order.

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