Thursday, September 07, 2006

Circus Of The Socks

For six months, I knit socks. Through a trip to Hawaii, the sale of a house, a move across the country, the purchase of another house and an intense period of readjustment, I knit socks. All in the name of the now finished Project Spectrum. When PS began I had just completed my first pair of socks (Jaywalkers, natch) and I was so enchanted with the process of turning that charming heel that I decided to sock it up right through the summer.

So here they all are. A pair each of Mata Haris, Simply Lovely Lace, Retro Ribs, Pomatomus, Madder Rib and Yarrow Rib. Each a completed pair. That's right -- no second sock syndrome here, buddy.

I must say, while I regret nothing, it may be a while before I do another pair of socks (I briefly contemplated joining Sock Wars, then concluded that my insanity must be stopped). First up, I have more than enough hand-knit socks in my wardrobe now (since I'm still a relative beginner, only one of these pairs is suitable enough to be gifted) and also, I yearn to use a needle bigger than U.S. 1. Bring on the worsted yarn -- I'm ready for a quick knit!


Ramona said...

I am so impressed with your socks! I can only hope that one day there will be a cure for Second Sock Syndrome because I've got a bad case of it!

mamaloo said...

They are beautiful! I'm so impressed! I have finished, totally, completely, only one pair of socks so far. I have a second pair that I need to do the cast off cuff for, but I needed a break from sock knitting and it's soooooo hard to pick up UFOs!

I'm currently knitting a wee pair for Kieran (his little foot is 7 inches long from the tip of his big toe to the back of his little heel). Talk about satifying to be able to cast on the toe and knit almost the entire foot while sitting and watching a movie!

I look forward to the day when I having lots of beautiful socks, one for each day of the week and each mood of my heart, just like you, my dear :)

carrie said...

what a rainbow of lovelies! i think it was worth all of the hard work. i have no patience for socks, so i'm impressed with your haul.

Lolly said...

Wow wow! Such a beautiful assortment and such lovely designs too! In the beginning of Project Spectrum, I had hoped to do this, but only had socks for 2 of the 6 months!

Way to go! Thanks for sharing, and inspiring me with all of the great socks ;)