Sunday, March 15, 2009

By The Book

Wow, I've dropped the ball on so much stuff lately -- life has been crazy! Renovations, upcoming vacation, not really having a comfortable home... my life on the internets has ground to a halt. But, I finally finished Henry's book... just in time for his birthday.

Sorry for the crap photos, but this is Bite This Book from Kat Coyle's Boho Baby Knits. I started this project in June. The fact that I didn't finish it until last week says something. This book is really cute and pretty much a great idea, but I hated knitting it. I hated all the colourwork. I hate that it doesn't really look like I wanted it too. I hate that I cheaped out and just used colours I had lying around rather than using colours that actually worked together. I'm just not really in love with it.

Not that any of that really matters. Henry likes it just fine, and I did learn a few things making it. And I really like the moon page. That's my fave.

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tania said...

wow! but its really impressive!
great job-