Thursday, April 02, 2009

Back In Action

Wow, Hello April. March has been super cuckoo crazy -- our house is in absolute shambles and we just returned from a very long and very amazing two weeks on Maui. The trip was presented as a surprise by Aaron last month (he found a seat sale he just couldn't resist) and off we went. We were only supposed to be gone for a week, but Henry came down with a tummy bug that had him puking the day before we left. Ruby got sick our first full day there, so we were feeling a bit cheated by the time they finally got better and our vacation was coming to an end. So, we extended our stay, worked on our tans and ate lots of pineapple.

Ruby amazed me on this trip -- she was totally into the aquarium, expertly pointing out the hammerhead sharks. She was also obsessed with the lava rock, having learned all about volcanoes at playschool last month.

Henry was awesome too, charging into the waves with all his might, letting them soak him (I'm still finding sand in his ears). Some other things about the last two weeks:

1. I love the Pina Colada. Not so much on the Mai Tai.

2. I finished the last two Twilight novels (and watched the movie on the plane). Umm... I was feeling almost like I could write a whole post on this one, but my feelings of love/annoyance have almost totally subsided. Feel free to weigh in on your feelings on the series if needed.

3. I like train rides. Especially tiny tourist trains.

4. I also love eavesdropping. We heard one guy bragging to a table full of strangers that he had just bought four $500 Louis Vuitton towels. For some reason, this is a part of our trip that has really stayed with us.

5. Nothing beats a good ice cream cone.

There's so much more, but I'm tired from the red eye flight home (not fun when you have a baby on your lap). More goodness coming soon. Especially if I ever get back in my house and near my craft supplies.

Oh, and I totally fell off the 365 photos wagon. I'm picking it back up for April. It'll be 300 photos for me this year... hopefully.

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