Monday, April 13, 2009

Book Review: Baby Stuff

Well, well. It's been a while since there was some Aranzi Aronzo action in these parts. But, it seems that the fictional Japanese crafter has published another book in English and this one has got me excited once again. Baby Stuff is, as you've probably already figured, is a new Aranzi book full of crafts for the wee ones. And, unlike the last book, Cute Stuff, I want to make EVERYTHING in here.

Okay, maybe not everything, but lots of things. A brief recap of Arazni Aronzo: there are a bunch of little Aranzi characters that are typically made out of felt. You've got the typical Japanese cute stuff (bunnies, bears, kitties), plus the typical Japanese weird stuff (characters named The Liar, The Bad Guy, etc). The first few Arazni books taught readers how to make dolls. First tiny dolls, then regular sized dolls. This one, like it's predecessor, uses the characters to embellish more practical items.

The projects in Baby Stuff are probably the cutest Aranzi Aronzo items yet. They're perfect for the kind of parents who want something child appropriate, but pale at the very thought of a diaper bag covered in plaid teddy bears. There are super cute bibs embroidered with a drooly mouth, adorable hand towels, diaper pouches with poo and pee characters stitched on, and a very sweet growth chart. My favourite hands down is the cutest duvet cover I've ever seen, which I want to make for Henry once he moves into his big boy bed.

Once again, the instructions are all given in comic book form, so you kind of have to know what you're doing. But, a lot of this stuff can be hand sewn, so these projects are easy for everyone. And cute. Don't forget the cute.

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