Monday, April 27, 2009

Fishnet Bandana

After the success of my 7-Up scarf, I realized that I liked the look of an all-eyelet triangular scarf, even though it wasn't what I originally set out to knit. I gifted it to my sister-in-law's girlfriend, who absolutely loved it. It was so loved, in fact, that the giftee not-so-subtly hinted that a black version would be much appreciated by her lady love. I barely ever knit for Aaron's sister since her tastes are very specific, so I lunged at the chance to knit something that I knew she would like. I picked up the darkest skein of Noro I could find and knit away.

This pattern (which I'm sure has been invented elsewhere, but I'm giving you my own version) is simple as simple can be. Use any kind of yarn you'd like, choosing a needle size or two higher than the one recommended on the ball band. Then:

CO 1 st
Row 1: Kfb
Row 2: Kfb, Kfb
Row 3: Kfb, K2, Kfb
Row 4: Kfb, K4, Kfb
Row 5: Kfb, K to end
Row 6: Kfb, (yo K2tog) to end

Repeat rows 5 and 6 until scarf is desired length or you run out of yarn (a decent sized skein should be enough). Bind off as loosely as humanly possible. Block.

Blocking is an essential here... well, sort of. I didn't block the 7-Up version because the yarn was holding pretty large eyelets, and I felt it was light and large enough as is. But with the Noro, blocking was the key to success. Before blocking, the scarf was heavy and small. Blocking made it pretty much double in size and really opened up those eyelets, making for a light and flirty scarf. Hooray!

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Oiyi said...

Thank you for writing out your version. I love it.