Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring, She's A-Sprung

I wasn't expecting to hit the garage sales this weekend. In fact, since there's no green on the trees here yet and it's expected to snow again later this week, I'd forgotten that garage sales tend to start sprouting up the weekend after Easter. So, I was a little surprised when I saw some handmade GS signs as I went about my business on Saturday. Being curious, I stopped in at a few and baby, I scored!

Up top you've got some old school Tupperware in brand-new condition (this stuff does have a lifetime warranty, you know). I have no idea what era this is from because I think Tupperware tends to choose a design and stick with it for decades, but I love the Brady Bunch colour palette.

Pyrex! Pink Pyrex! This is a set of Pink Daisy Space Saver casseroles with a cradle, a glass lid and two metal freezer lids. Not in minty condition, but that means I can use it without feeling like I'm destroying a historical relic.

More pyrex, this time a '80s-era gravy boat. I really needed a gravy boat, so I feel no guilt for buying this one.

And, a little birdy salt and pepper shaker. I did buy some more stuff, but I'm not going to go overboard here. Next week I have a rummage sale in my calendar, so we'll see if I'll have more treasure to share.

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