Sunday, April 05, 2009

Book Review: Crafty Chica's Guide To Artful Sewing

I have to admit, I didn't really know anything about Kathy Cano-Murillo before I saw this book. I know, the Crafty Chica is all over the web and has already published six books, but her site is more of a, well, site than a blog, and I prefer to lurk in the worlds of the likes of the Wee Wonderfuls and the Angry Chickens. No matter, I like Cano-Murillo's Mexican-influenced style and I was drawn to the promise of easy sewing projects.

So, as the book promises, the projects inside are all low-sew. I'm a total sucker for these kind of books, but I don't know why: I don't actually like most low-sew projects. I think my age is talking here -- maybe I'm just too old to feel like I can pull off a purse made out of plastic or a dress comprised of sewn-together silk scarves. Still, the Chica has some good ideas, and she also includes a great beginner's sewing guide which offers novices all they need to make these simple projects.

Cano-Murillo keeps it simple, breaking the projects into three groups: Purses (which are to beginner sewers what scarves are to beginner knitters); things to wear (all embellishments on pre-existing items); and items for the home. Again, with projects like a tote made from a towel and a jean jacked embellished with eight million buttons, I really can't see myself making many of these. If I was 17 though, for sure.

So, I may not be keeping tabs on the Chica, but I am glad she exists. And I am thankful for anyone who encourages people to be a little less frightened of their sewing machines, even if it means more plastic tote bags in the world.

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