Monday, October 05, 2009

I Long To Be A Part Of Their World

Do you ever find yourself watching Project Runway and cursing a particular designer for their crap sewing skills? Then do you later find yourself working on a project on your own and saying "Wow, I feel bad for mocking Mitchell for sending a model down the runway wearing a sheer sheet. Compared to me, that man is a sewing genius." That's how I've been feeling these days. And I blame it on the Little Mermaid.

Last Halloween, while trick or treating, Aaron (who does not sew) innocently suggested that Ruby may want to be the Little Mermaid the following Halloween. Of course, Aaron had no idea that mermaid costumes are about as hard to sew as a little girl's costume can be, nor did he realize that Ruby would hold on to this suggestion for a whole year and not accept any alternative costume. So, I picked up Simplicity 4043 and bought my fabric.

Of course, being the relatively novice seamstress that I am, I did not realize that this pattern is fully lined. Or that it has a zipper. And involves quilting. Or that the fabric I chose melts under the heat of an iron, making proper pressing impossible. Yet I press on. Stay tuned peeps. I plan to conquer this one. That kid is going to be the little mermaid on October 31 if it kills me.

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