Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weekend Thrift

Okay, so I'm officially calling the 2009 garage sale season over. I will still probably hit the thrift stores periodically and stop by the odd estate sale (those tend to pop up throughout the year), but this weekend was my last real hurrah, I think. Between my favourite regular rummage sale and three estate sales, I did very well for myself, though we are definitely starting to seriously lack storage space for this stuff.

Above, my big splurge. Two Fire King Tulip Splash bowls. I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but one is larger than the other. I've never seen these bowls in real life, but have coveted them forever. I had no idea these suckers were so big, but they're huge and really heavy. Even though the decal is really scratched and faded, I was willing to pay fairly top dollar for them (though, I know mint versions can go for about $80 each). $30 for both, at an estate sale.

You know I can't resist the vintage Tupperware. Four dishes, $8 for the set at an estate sale.

This is labeled Royal Canadian Art Pottery, which I think is pretty much the same as Blue Mountain Pottery but not blue. I don't know as much about this stuff as I'd like to, but I do have a soft spot for it because it appeared often in my childhood. $5 at a garage sale.

Pyrex. And this isn't even all I got (there's another JAJ piece, but I have to scrub it down). I freaked out when I saw the 3 quart Designs (or "Arches") casserole. It's pretty much mint. And, a Blue Horizons bowl to boot. $2 each at rummage sale.

And, rounding out the pack, this pretty china plate. $5 at garage sale. Over and out.

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