Monday, September 07, 2009

Vintage Henry

Yesterday my little brother got married. I can't be happier for him — he found himself a really great woman to marry and she fits in very well with the rest of our family (the fact that she loves and appreciates my insane-yet-lovable father is a definite plus). It was quite the family occasion: my other brother was the best man and the gorgeous Miss Ruby was the flower girl. Henry wasn't in the wedding party, but we wanted him to wear something really special.

Enter, the suit. The picture doesn't truly do it justice (I find indoor weddings impossible to shoot at -- there's never any natural light), but here is Henry in a beautiful vintage Italian short suit. The suit was purchased for Aaron's uncle Peter (who is less than 10 years older than Aaron) when he was born in the late '60s. Aaron's mum has a beautiful picture of Peter wearing in and I believe Aaron wore it at some point too. I was thrilled that Henry had an occasion to wear it when it fits him.

There's another similar suit, with brown shorts and a velvet jacket that Peter wore when he was about four, to Aaron's parents wedding. In turn, Peter's son Oliver wore it to my wedding eight years ago. I'm trying to convince Aaron's sister to plan to get married at a time when the brown suit will fit Henry, but she politely informed me that she will not plan her life events around the size of a child's suit.

We've actually managed to amass a fairly large collection of vintage boys clothes over the last year or so. We've been handed down a lot of Peter's old European-made clothing and we have an elderly neighbour who occasionally brings over packets of her children's clothes as an excuse to come over and gossip. But this suit is one of my favourites. Maybe one day Henry's own son will wear it to a family wedding.

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