Friday, March 26, 2010

Crafting With Kids

Do you craft much with your kids? I sadly don't do nearly enough. I find that while Ruby likes doing it, she has a short attention span and likes to put in the minimal amount of effort into any project. When she comes home from school with crafts the other kids seem to have elaborate drawings, and she just does a couple of squiggles and then runs off to play. Perhaps she just doesn't love making things? Yet she claims to want to do crafty things all the time...

If I've learned anything about crafting with a five-year-old, it's that you need to keep things simple (especially when you have a very demanding two-year-old boy riding sidecar). We got this very cool looking Princess Doll Making Kit for Ruby's birthday and while I love the intent behind this craft, it was a bust in our house. Double sided tape, cutting with grown up scissors, precise placement... did I mention the double sided tape that holds the whole thing together? All of it made for a sad looking doll and a sadder looking mama. With Easter Break coming up, I think we need to stick to the basics. Any ideas out there?

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