Monday, April 05, 2010


Man, I've been neglecting this space. I've actually been losing followers! I'm so sorry, I feel like I'm letting you down, dear blog. But as anyone who's done it will tell you, having a two-year-old boy is craaaazy! Henry is the most lovable creature, but Ruby and I spend most of our time baffled by his behavior and energy. Roo will often look at me and just say "Mommy, I love Henry, but he is such a pain. in. the. butt."

I have been working on some projects, but mostly I've been working on being lazy and keeping my boy from jumping off of high places. So, here's some randoms:

* Above is an amazing wall hanging that our friend Jenaya gave to Ruby. It hung in Jenaya's room and her mom was cleaning out the house and sent it home with her. Jenaya immediately thought of Ruby to gift it to. This is the second time she's unloaded things that her mother is trying to get rid of on us and frankly, I couldn't be happier.

* Happy Easter, for those of you who are into such things. We spent the weekend up in the mountains, where it looks like winter, but feels like spring. Sleigh rides! Skating! Sounds like an excuse to spread hot chocolate drinking into April if you ask me.

* I reviewed the film about the Runaways a few weeks ago and it's finally opening across the country. To celebrate, I'm reading Cherie Currie's autobiography, which is awesome and a very quick and easy read.

* Speaking of rock bios, I also just finished this book about Elvis Presley and the women who loved him. It's very juicy. And very sad. I can't get Elvis off my mind. They whole time I was reading it I was hoping it wouldn't end the way I knew it would. Sad, sad, sad.

* I am working on some crafty stuff. I'm just having trouble finishing. Hopefully the melting snow will give me some motivation. Or I might just go outside and never make anything again. (Just kidding. Don't stop following me.)

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