Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday

I've been so focused on knitting my own socks (I just started the heel flap on SLLS #2 -- will I finish by the end of this month's Project Spectrum?) that I've forgotten about all the store-bought socks that I own and love. In honour of STP's month of silliness, here are the socks that Leena got me for Christmas two years ago.

Aaron's family (who are now my family too!) have a tradition of always getting socks from Santa under the tree and since both Aaron and his sister aren't really very creative with their sock choices, Leena has had a great time buying me socks over the year (now she also has Erin and Ruby to buy crazy socks for). These ones take the cake, though. I love the lady's pink sweater -- it's so bulky! I resisted actually wearing these for a while, but since I've needed some zany-ness in my life since having Ruby, I've worn them every week over the winter. Hooray for great socks!

On a slightly related note, I'm proud/horrified to announce that Ruby's first word seems to be "shoe." She got a great pair of black and pink maryjane sneakers the other day (her first pair of real shoes!) and she went crazy at the shoe store, fondling every pair of fancy sandals and girly shoes. She often slips into my slippers and tries to walk around, exclaiming "shaaa, shaaa!" To make matters worse, yesterday at the play school she goes to she fished a purse out of the toy box, slung it over her shoulder and pranced up to the mirror to check herself out. I think I've got a girly girl on my hands. And yes, I'm not-so-secretly delighted.


p said...

'shoe shop' or something a bit similar was DEFINITELY one of DD's first phrases... getting the important stuff sorted first :)

carrie said...

a gal after my own heart! now if she starts talking about manolas, you may have a problem.

tania said...

hee he ! too cute- socks and ruby!
thanks for all your sweet housy comments-
it's been so nice to hear!

lamb-things said...

welcome back from your holiday..I love those socks with the sweater on them, what a great idea for gifts. samantha, jay and sadie are in mexico, they will be back on may 1st.