Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Self-Portrait, Um, Tuesday

Since Blogger was being a pain last night, my return to SPT comes on a Wednesday. I was planning to run an amazing photo booth strip that we took with Ruby in Vancouver (thanks to the genius of her aunties), but our scanner isn't hooked up and I'm not even sure where it is, so I give you a pic of me eating a hot dog at the Nathan's on Coney Island.

This was taken during a trip to NYC that Aaron and I took a year or two before Ruby was born. A friend of ours was flying in to New York from Scotland and some of our other friends from Calgary and Montreal were all congregating in New York for a visit. We took over an entire room in a hostel and hung out for a few days.

Although this makes me miss the days when we could just jump in the car and stay on questionable bunk beds for a weekend, it also reminds me of the way Ruby vigorously eats her bananas as I laugh and egg her on (it's almost obscene, really). Am I as silly now that I'm a boring old mom as I was when I was a kooky 20-something? Um, yeah. Maybe even more so.

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