Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge: Glam Week #1

I love make-up. I have a lot of make-up. Lately though, I don't wear very much make-up. When I used to work full time at the magazine, although our focus was on music we had a very tiny style section that warranted the editor in charge of it the right to solicit beauty companies for free product. It was great -- for four years I didn't have to buy shampoo, sunscreen, lotion, bubble bath or cosmetics. And we got good stuff too -- clinique, benefit, origins, cake, cargo, mac... it was like my own personal sephora,

While the make-up train made it's last stop ages ago, I still have a lot of the stuff left in my linen closet. I know that you're not supposed to keep make-up around for years and years, but I don't seem to go through it very quickly, even when I go through periods of wearing a lot of it. To glam it up, this morning I put on two of my fave lip products from my pantry -- Clinique's colour surge lipstick in golden mink and Benefit's It Was Just A Matter Of Time Lip Cream. Yum. I would never wear either of these colours out -- way too dark. But to glam it up, they suit me just fine.


Veronique said...

I had a boyfriend who worked for Nars... Now, why did I break up with him?!

Kelli said...

Two words: Molly Ringwald. Enough said!

Amy said...

That was my idea for next week!!! Very good!

melba said...

I keep my makeup forever too. I love cliniques face lotion, but I only buy it during free gift time so i can experiment with their new products.

I love the angle of your picture. Very glam.

Kathleen said...

i agree with kelli! wowWEEEEE!
beautiful lips, girlie!
i love your picture, too! great perspective.

have a glam weekend!