Friday, November 17, 2006


So, has everyone seen Hannah's new blog The Recipe Box? Her idea is awesome -- to create a place to share family recipes with the rest of her blogging community. The first recipe posted was for Orange-Chocolate Chip muffins and being a fan of the dark chocolate/orange combo and an obsessive muffin maker, I had to heed the call. I think I would make them a little more orange-y next time out (maybe a whole orange's worth of juice rather than half), but they're really great and really easy. And they're fattened up with olive oil rather than butter. Olive oil! In a muffin!

This also, weirdly enough, marks the first time I've baked with self-rising flour. I can't get over how cool this bag of flour looks. I love it!


hannah said...

yay for muffins! this is how lazy i am, i googled how to substitute self rising flour (1 tbls baking powder + 1 tsp salt to 2 c flour) instead of buying any. also i used a whole orange and it was delicious.

elizabooth said...

You know, I should have done the same. Though I suppose now when I'm running low on regular flour and it's that ratio of powder to flour I can use the left over self-rising stuff. And I'm so in love with the bag. I love that they've never bothered to change the design!

mamaloo said...

This is the brand I use, too. Between Brodie flour and Fluffo brand marshmallow fluff, nothing else still bears a cool mid 20thC label.