Monday, January 08, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: Resolutions Week #2

When I was thinking about resolutions, my original intent was to follow the advice of my favourite radio host, Stuart McLean. On last week's Vinyl Cafe, he was talking about avoiding self-improvement resolutions and sticking to things like "buy better, more expensive tomatoes -- live is too short to buy the lousy ones." But, to be honest, I've been pretty down all weekend after hearing about what happened to Helen Hill, so I've had to dig a little deeper. Not that treating yourself to a good tomato isn't deep in it's own way.

I resolve to appreciate more.

I resolve to appreciate the sweet life I have, faults and all. I resolve to savor my family, to accept myself and those I love for who we are. I resolve to take advantage of opportunities, social and work-related. I resolve to accept compliments without questioning them. I resolve to see the silver lining, give the benefit of the doubt and stay positive. I resolve to make sure my friends always know how much I love them. I resolve to be less self-conscious and afraid. I resolve to let my creativity flow.

Okay, sorry to get all Oprah on all of you. I also resolve to do laundry more often and watch less crap TV. I resolve not to worry about the fact that when I look at this picture of myself I can see wrinkles for the very first time in my 31-year-old life. And I resolve to smile as much as I possibly can.


holli said...

I actually heart Oprah - in fact, I posted recently about how my toddler told me "I hate you - you turned off Oprah." (very unlike her). So I think it's okay to go all Oprah if you're doing the positive thing and not hosting the cast of Ocean's 12 on your blog.

I think this is a wonderful resolution. And I can't think of anyone who shouldn't try to do it.

daru said...

definitely...good one to remember- appreciate more! thanks for the inspiration :)

mamaloo said...

A worthy challenge - one that will change your life in all the ways "traditional" resolutions try to.

And, dont worry, those wrinkles are like signposts to of a life well-lived. Especially those happy-crinkly ones around your eyes that can only come from smiling. That or squinting a lot, so maybe you should also get an eye test just to be safe.