Thursday, June 21, 2007

And The Livin' Is Easy

Happy summer! I'm celebrating summer with a few other online pals via Andrea's summer postcard swap. Now, I'm not much of a visual artist (okay, I'm not a visual artist at all) and I'm not a scrapbooker and I'm not a paper craft wiz by any stretch of the imagination, but that Andrea is so inclusive in her thinking that I felt comfortable enough with my meager collages to participate. And I like using glue. And I really like mail. So there you have it.

My theme was close to that of the Valentine's swap I did a while back -- I'm so obsessed with the pictures and text from old romance novels that I had to return to that whole motif. I've never actually made it through one of these novels, but I love their whole vibe, if in a slightly ironic way (though not too ironic to be honest). Plus, there's never a shortage of them at the thrift stores. So, I cut up some Harlequins and threw in a couple Sweet Valley Highs as well (a series that I also have the urge to collect even though I haven't read one since I was about 10). I also used a really cute kids book that I got at a garage sale -- the drawings are really kitschy, but the text is pretty horrid, so it didn't make it into Ruby's permanent collection.

The due date for the swap is today, but with Ruby having thrown up before lunch (flu? Motion sickness? Heatstroke? Over-excitement? Could be any of the above), it may be tomorrow since I still have to get envelopes since they probably won't stand the international post system. Bon Voyage little cards! I can hardly wait to see what finds its way into my own mailbox.


poppy said...

- i'm a little behind too, but these look great!

angela said...

sweet valley high, haven't seen one of those in years!
these look great :)

Cathy said...

I love this postcard swap idea, everyone gets to be so creative and everyone is so different. Your book idea is great, I might poach it for a different project.

I also like seeing all the stuff you pick up while thrifting.


Anita (canuck) said...

I hope Ruby is feeling better.

Nessie Noodle said...

Got mine today and love it! Summer reading is my favorite. Gimme a book a tall glass o-lemonade and a sun chair and I am set.