Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We're Halfway There

One down, one to go. Last night I managed to complete my first Sockapalooza sock and I'm lucky that my sock pal's feet are bigger than mine, because if this thing fit me properly, I'd probably be keeping it. It is, as previously reported, a Go With The Flow sock from Interweave's Favourite Socks book (and the magazine before that). I hate to sound like a broken record, but I apologize for the lousy photo -- not only am I still using my parents' awful old camera that insists on flashing all the time, but there's no natural light here as it's been raining something fierce (this city's weather is very dramatic). I guess this all means that by the time the second sock is finished and I have my regular camera back there will be a much more breathtaking reveal. Because I assume if you're still reading this, you're the type who finds socks breathtaking.

Anyway, I've heard so many horror stories about Lorna's Laces variegated sock yarn and pooling and all that, but I think these ones look pretty good. Variegated yarns all tend to get kind of goofy around the gusset area, but I can live with that and I'm sure my pal can too.

While there's still a month and a half before these socks are due to be sent off, I'm glad I started early. I haven't been getting a lot done these days and with a couple other swap things on the go, I may not be finished as far ahead as I'd dreamed. Stay tuned for progress on sock #2.


s b said...

Very pretty sock! Great job

Jennifer said...

Ooooh pretty! I think the gusset looks wonderful. Nice color choice for the pattern.