Friday, July 06, 2007

W.I.P. Friday: The Stole

Oh, Mystery Stole. I think somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6000 people are doing Mystery Stole now. Unsurprisingly, I cancelled my subscription to the digest emails because it was just too crazy and quite honestly, there was very little information that I found very useful. But, I'm happily knitting along, just now in a more solitary way, which decreases the crazy pressure to crank out this lace stole.

Here's what I realized after knitting clue #1 (which I completed on Monday): lace isn't really my craft. I'm going to stick with this project, but I'm just not fussy enough to be bothered to frog back when I make a mistake. This isn't good, since a wee mistake on a fancy lace pattern can ruin the whole thing. I missed a yarnover or something around row 60, and while after some fudging you can barely tell, I know this thing is going to be far from perfect. I'm going to insert a lifeline in between clues, but in general, I'm not that emotionally invested in perfection. Bad lace knitter.

I'm also chugging along on my Charade socks and I'm halfway through a fabric bag... more to come if this heat ever lets up.


Kelly said...

looks great so far!!

Jane said...

It looks good - and quite different from mine so far (I use life lines, so I *have* been frogging a bit...). Is this your first serious lace project? I find lace with a repeating pattern a lot easier to knit without error, and to fix what errors I make. I'm really enjoying the MS, but it's much slower going than my usual lace stuff.

I'll let you know when I've posted pix of clue #1 - I'm sure you'll feel better about your piece once you've seen mine ;)

mamaloo said...

I'm doing MS3, too! I just finished my swatch this morning. I'm using a cone of mystery natural coloured laceweight thrifted from Value Village. I had that and three other colours of cobweb weight to choose from (navy, sage and off-white) but the cobweb weight made me nervous.

Sean is taking me to get beads this afternoon so I an get started on clue #1.

Spencer woud have to pick the day I signed up for MS3 and began my swatch to start nursing 24/7 for a growth spurt - rotten little kid! ;)

That missed YO thing: if you were still on digest, there was a link about picking up a dropped (missed) YO a few rows down that might have been handy - I think it was in a digest out yesterday mid-day! :P But, I know what you mean. I'm killing the digests, too. Apparently you can set it up so only the list owner can email and that way you'll get special notices and errata, etc.