Monday, July 30, 2007

Still Here

Wow, I didn't mean to drop out for so long. The lack of posting in these parts is pretty much due to a complete lack of crafting, thrifting or anything else that I usually write about. Chalk it up to summer, I guess. While so many bloggers have been writing about how glorious their season has been, mine has actually been pretty trying thus far. I'm not good in the heat and the hot summer was one of the few reasons that I was glad to leave Toronto last year. Unfortunately, there have been record highs here and since it's usually not this hot in these parts, air conditioning is scarce (and unheard of in homes). So, I've been sweating it out. Literally.

Here's my poor Mystery Stole, over a week into the two-week Clue #4. This clue goes to row 335 and I'm a measly 227 rows in. With me averaging about six rows every other day, it's clear that I'm not going to finish by Friday. I've got to push myself though, or I'm going to put this thing away and never pick it up again. Must finish the lace. Even if it takes me through September.


gay said...

the heat sounds gross, i haven't been doing much knitting myself but not lace that's for sure. i love lace but i don't think i have much patience for knitting it especially from a chart! it may look old ladyish to some but i think lace shawls look cool wrapped around like a big scarf over a casual jacket! i give myself no deadlines in summer i'm either too busy or too hot!

BB said...

I hear you about the heat. Unless there is a lake to jump into, I am not good with it either. I hate being sweaty and sticky and not feeling very pretty...this is why autumn is my favourite season. A cute coat, maybe a nice chic scarf...can't wait!