Thursday, August 02, 2007

All Stuffed With Fluff

Okay, while the actual making of stuff has ground to a near halt in these parts, I'm still thinking about making stuff. And buying stuff that will eventually be made into stuff. One day. I swear.

My latest prized possession is this 1965 McCall's pattern, for which I paid more than I'll publicly admit (on ebay, natch). Here's the story: Ruby is obsessed with Winnie The Pooh. Obsessed. To appease her obsession (or perhaps to feed it), Leena pulled out some old Pooh Bear stuffies that she'd bought for Aaron's sister Daniella way back in the '70s when she was a little girl. Leena explained that they were made from a McCall's pattern that she'd never been able to find for herself. Well, the rest is history -- I had to take a crack at finding the pattern and making Ruby some of these guys for her own.

It seems that the small town ladies that Leena bought Daniella's toys from modified the pattern -- they're made of felt with the seams on the outside, as opposed to the original pattern, which are made in the more standard way. I'm not quite sure how I'll do them or what kind of fabric I'll use -- I'm just glad I snagged to pattern for future use. Does anyone else out there remember these toys or have any of them? I'd love to see other examples.


Veronique said...

That looks like fun to make! And if you're not turning the corners out, it'll be even easier...

Vicki said...

Guess I shouldn't tell you I just ripped up 2 1962 McCall's patterns for a collage huh?