Friday, August 17, 2007

See You In September

I really wish that I could have started this post with a show and tell of my Sockapalooza socks, but it seems that our local postal system is sloooow (something to do with a labour shortage affecting the sorting department), so even though my pal sent them over a week ago, still no luck. And I'm not going to be seeing them for a while because we're taking off on vacation for the next while. So, I'll be out of blogland for a couple weeks. See you in September!

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Anonymous said...

Pal, I am SOOOO sorry the socks haven't arrived yet. As of today I sent them 2 weeks ago. Please don't give up I really did make some lovely socks for you and I really did put them in the mail. I sent something the Iraq the same day and it arrived in a week, weird huh? Anyway enjoy the time off and hopefully some lovely wooly handmade goodness will be waiting when you get home. :-) Signed, Still A Secret