Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Home At Last

I'm home. And so are my socks! What you see above are my lovely Sockapalooza socks, knitted with affection by Fatimah over at The Knit Factor. Nice, eh? She used Fearless Fibers sock yarn in Midnight Passion and the pattern is Pembrokeshire Pathways by Brenda Dayne. Don't they kind of remind you of the socks I knitted for my pal? The pattern is different (there are cables in between the lace holes) and it's a different yarn, but still kind of in the same family. Thanks Fatimah, they're awesome.

And yes, I'm finally back from vacation, just in time to see the leaves start to turn on my trees. I must say, there's been much summer lovin' in blogland, but I'm glad to see this summer over. It's been a tough one. I'll elaborate as to why another day, maybe tomorrow, as I don't want to take away from the glory of my sock post.


Sarah said...

Those are beautiful! The color is so rich!

Fat said...

I actually saw the socks you were making for your pal and got very nervous that it was the same thing! :-) I am so glad you like them. I was worried about fit and color and everything. I have to say its kind of strange to see my work on someone else. It's like my hands are famous! Do enjoy them and glad you made it back from vacation. Take care!