Thursday, September 20, 2007

Little People For My Little Peep

Ruby and I were driving home from preschool today when I saw a sign that almost made my heart stop: "House And Contents For Sale." As some of you know, I didn't get to do much thrifting this summer and it's not often that an amazing estate sale hits me in the face... much less an hour after opening. It was fate, I tell ya.

So, inside the house there was a lot of ritzy, very expensive antique stuff -- the woman who owned the house had thankfully not passed away, she was just drastically downsizing (perhaps an assisted living home, I'm not sure, but she was mentioned by others in the present tense), so she was mostly getting rid of her vast collection of fancy stuff, not day to day housewares. But there was a room full of toys -- toys that were formerly owned by a man now in his 40s. Toys including loads of Fisher Price Little People.

Now, these kind of sales aren't usually of the bargain basement variety, but I did allow myself to spend about $25 on loot for Ruby. We ended up with a Little People School House and a family house, plus a mini bus and three zip-lock bags full of peeps and furnishings. This stuff is pretty old -- I'm pretty sure the school house is slightly before my own time (I think an older cousin had it at one point -- I'm more of the Sesame Street clubhouse vintage myself). And some of the peeps are wooden. Wooden!

Needless to say, Ruby freaked out. She has a couple old school Little People sets at the grandparents' houses and she has plenty of new school stuff, but she sensed that this stuff is special. And she's right.

p.s. We also got the wooden puzzle you see above. I kind of want to glue the pieces in and mount it in the baby's room, but I'll let Roo play with it for the time being.


Veronique said...

Oh, I had the same school house! I grew up outside of the US, so my friends and I had never heard of Fisher Price, but we loved the school house :) I never knew there was a family house. I'm very jealous of Ruby right now.

tania said...

what an amazing score!!!!!!
and waitnow, did i hear that- you are pregnant!!!
that is sooo wonderful-