Friday, January 18, 2008

Calorimetry Part Two

I must be going through some weird nesting thing, because the making is in full force around these parts. Even if I feel the need to rest, I find that I get twitchy if my hands are idle. The other day I showed my mom my finished Calorimetry and she mentioned how much she could use one, since she also doesn't really like wearing a winter hat. Now, my mom doesn't often ask me to make her stuff and I don't often do handmade gifts for her because our taste tends to differ. So, I couldn't say no.

My mom isn't a particularly fancy lady and she said she wasn't fussy about yarn or colour as long as it was warm, so I dug out some Brown Sheep Naturespun from my stash and went for it. Since I was using a not-quite-worsted and the gals on Ravelry have all said that the recommended 120 stitches was way too much, I cast on 110, which was 20 less than my previous DK version and also used a U.S. 7 needle rather than a #8. I also made it four rows shorter than the pattern called for, and I'm telling you, this sucker is still really big. The length is just right, but when I tried it on (I'll spare you another picture of my face in model-look mode) it went from my hairline right to the back of my head. It fits my mom a little bit better, but I'd really urge anyone who knits this (and I know there are about a million of you out there who are still planning to try this one) to really use your judgement when sizing it.

On another note, I saw my doctor today and he told me that Frank is in the 90th percentile size-wise, which means that if he goes all the way to 40 weeks, it's very likely that I'll have a 10 pound baby. A gigantic super-active boy to match my tiny demure little girl. They say that siblings can be so different and it looks like I'm in for a crazy new experience. Yikes!

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