Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SPC: Celebration Week #2

I'm beginning to realize that our trip to Hawaii was by far our biggest December celebration this year. As much as I love Christmas, it was far too busy and stressful this year, what with my pregnancy, coming back from our trip and scrambling to see visiting friends. Too much. We all ended up getting sick, which made it even worse. But Hawaii, that was a celebration.

For some reason, that place does something magical to us, and it was really important for us to go there as a family of three, without any other friends or family along for the ride (in the past we've always gone with my parents and my brothers, which is awesome too, but in a different way). It was a celebration of us: where we are now and where we're going in a mere eight weeks.

p.s. check out how long Ruby's toes are! She gets it from her dad.

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Vedrana M. said...

beautiful, sounds great :)