Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby's Surprise

So, remember when I made the Baby Surprise Jacket a couple months ago and figured that it would sadly be summer by the time the baby grew into it (I neglected to gauge properly)? Well, I didn't bargain on having a nine pound baby who eats every two hours around the clock. We needed a sweater to put over his short-sleeved outfit yesterday and behold -- the Baby Surprise fits.

Mind you, this is also testament to Elizabeth Zimmerman's design. I swear by the one-piece t-shaped baby sweater -- be it this particular one or other similar shaped designs. The really suit and infant's body type and are okay to wear if they're a little big or even a tiny bit too small. I really urge any baby knitters out there to stay away from set-in sleeves. It's all about the big T. And as you can see, stretchy little Henry feels nice and comfy in it.


Knit & Purl Mama said...

That is super cute!

I can't wait for my son to grow into his BSJ! (After he's born of course!)

Veronique said...

Yup, a big T sounds about right. Especially since a baby will grow out of everything so fast!