Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hits And Missess

No, I haven't been spending the early weeks with my new son making curtains. I actually finished these off about a week before Henry's arrival -- but I haven't been itching to post about them because I botched them up. What you see here is a variation on the cafe curtains from Amy Karol's Bend-The-Rules Sewing (what else?), made by someone too pregnant to have the good sense to measure properly.

I split the curtain so I could open them, not taking into account that the curtains would retain some of their folds when I pulled them shut. That, coupled with the fact that I probably folded in the edges more than I allowed for when measuring, they're now too small for the window. Oops. Of course, I don't have enough fabric to go at it again and Reprodepot is no longer carrying this stuff, so I'm on the search for another appropriate window fabric. I do like this pattern though -- Amy's use of twill tape to hang the curtains with is ingeniously easy, so once I find the time and the fabric, my kitchen window should be less scantily clad.

So that's the miss. The hit is this double chocolate brownie that I made last night after greedily picking up a copy of the new Martha Steward cookie book. Mmmm. Everything in it looks delicious and I have secret plans to make every cookie in the book. Even in my two-kid state I managed to pull off these super easy brownies. This is the perfect recipe -- loads of chocolate, a little bit of salt (too much says Aaron, but I like my chocolate a little salty) and the recipe is small enough that you won't feel guilty about having a pan of brownies sitting around your house begging to be eaten.

In other news, Henry is growing fast. At three weeks he's moving in on 10 lbs. I looked at some old photos yesterday and Henry is almost busting out of clothes that Ruby was wearing at four months. I can't believe how different siblings can turn out -- genetics freak me out!


Anonymous said...

The curtains look cute, a little Flinstone-y in their hanging style. Just get a tiny white sheer to pop in between or behind.

Elvis Bonaparte said...

Okay Elizabeth, I have to get this baby gift to yo before your uber-baby no longer fits it!!! Please let me know when's good. At the very least I can have Sean drop it off during the week at some point. (but I really wanna see the baby too...) E-mail me.

cheryl said...

On the curtain, try finding just a border fabric to add to the sides of each panel. That would extend the width for you. good luck.