Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chocolate Cookies, Again

Chocolate cookie success! After the tragedy of the un-chocolatey cookies earlier this month, I made another attempt at choco-cookie glory. I've taken to just opening my Martha Stewart cookie book and making the first thing that a) looks good and doesn't require some kind of crazy press or mold and b) I have the ingredients on hand for. I was tempted to try Grammy's Chocolate Cookies again, but when I opened the book to Giant Chocolate Sugar Cookies and realized that they're pretty much exactly the same (but bigger), I thought it was better to knock another cookie off my list (as part of my daydream to make every cookie in the book, which I know will never actually happen).

Now, the original recipe calls for GIANT cookies -- the whole batch is only supposed to yield eight cookies. That's insane. I ended up with about 14, so I had to kind of monkey with the cooking time, so some of these are chewier than others. And they're delicious. And chocolatey. I can say no more.

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