Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's On

I knew the thrifting bug was hitting me last week when I made an unscheduled stop inside a Value Village (though I bought nothing because they were charging crazy prices -- like $7 for a scratched up Pyrex that could never fetch more than a few dollars on ebay). The thrifting season seemed to officially start this weekend with garage sales popping up everywhere, despite the snow. I had planned to go to this huge rummage sale that happens here bi-annually, but I was seduced by a fabric sale and never ended up making it.

Aaron's mum, Leena, is part of a group that knits and sews items (mainly bags and purses) and then sells them to raise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. On Saturday they held their first fabric sale, which feature piles and piles of vintage fabric. Piles, I'm telling you. I bumped up my stash as much as possible before my brain got overwhelmed and Henry (who was strapped to my chest in his carrier) got too heavy. What you see above is just a portion of my bounty. Needless to say, I was too pooped to make it to the rummage sale.

So, how to hit all the garage and tag sales with two kids this spring... I've got the bug, I just wished I had the energy and the time!

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