Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Crafty Odds And Crafty Ends

Henry has proven that he is not indeed the easiest baby in the world (still pretty damn easy, but now that he's four months old he actually likes, you know, attention) so I don't have any finished craftiness to show for, but I have been sneaking a few minutes of stitchin' in here and there. In fact, I've got more projects on the go than I should, just not a lot of finishing. I'm still working away on Ruby's Stichettes and am almost done a baby sock, plus the stuff you see here.

Above, my Bend-The-Rules Sewing Lap Quilt. It really is, as the pattern advertises, easy. I've been afraid of quilts yet dying to try one for a while, and this one is totally boosting my confidence. Today I cut out the back and the batting and machine quilted like crazy. And it only really was an hour or two of work (and that's while tending to Henry). So far I'm loving it. I'm a little afraid of the binding, but I really want to finish it sooner than later.

And here, another page for Henry's knitted book. It's a chick!

Finally, I didn't actually make this guy, but I get to live with him. Aaron's Great-Aunt Betty is in her early 80s and is totally amazing. When she was young, she studied engineering at university (not a common degree for young women 60 years ago) and eventually became a pilot as well (and also fell in love with and married her flight instructor). She never had any children of her own and Aaron almost thinks of her as a third grandmother. She made this little bear for Henry and added the pilot details to cuten him up. I love him.


cara lou said...

Your quilt is looking great!! I just finished my Easy Lap Quilt a few days ago and am SOOO happy with it! In fact, I think it's the best thing I've ever made. It really is so easy.

I was terrified of the binding...but I watched one video tutorial on how to do a blind hem (I had never done it before and I am incapable of learning from simple pictures) and DID IT! And it looks amazing. Like I'm a real life quilter or something.

And I'm starting my second Easy Lap Quilt as a wedding gift for my brother. And then I need to make one for me.

Anyway, all of that and I really just wanted to say -- cute quilt! cute chick! amazing pilot bear!

(and that lady sounds so incredible!)

sam lamb said...

OKay - that chick page is super, super cute. I love the yellow and orange on pink.

Great quilt too - with two little ones I'd say you're getting plenty of crafting done!