Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, after that grumbling about not finding any good things on my garage sailing expeditions, I came across a nice estate sale and got some deals. I like buying from estate sales -- while it does feel a little bit morbid, I know I'd like my stuff to go to happy treasure hunters once my time comes. I was lucky enough to nab these beautiful Fire King dessert bowls, which not only feed my hunger for milkglass, but are actually something we need and use, making them okay by Aaron. They're perfect for desserts (obviously) and also kid meals.

And, now hanging in Ruby's room are a couple of "paintings" from the same estate sale (the other one is here). I loved this kind of thing when I was a little girl and now I'm transferring it upon my own child.

Oh, and I'll be taking a break for a while, off on a little summer trip. See you in August!

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Darlene said...

Awesome finds!!! I haven't had any time lately to go to any estate sales or garage sales. I feel the same way you do though. When I die I hope my stuff goes to some happy treasure hunter/sewer/crafter. :)