Sunday, August 17, 2008

33 RPM

Yeah, more thrift stuff today -- it seems like a far less popular topic than craft, judging from the lack of comments around these parts, but that might just be summer for you. Either way, it's all I've been up to and I want to make at least some attempt of posting through the summer, so here I am and here it is.

Today is my 33rd birthday and Aaron got me the best present a girl could hope for: a day of being me. You know, the old me, the pre-kids me, the me who didn't have to carry a bucket carseat and a diaper bag while managing the hand of a three-year-old at all times. It started with a morning of yard and estate sales, which he'd researched in advance so that I could hit as many good ones as possible before rushing home to nurse Henry. The first place I hit was truly amazing -- a couple about my age were thinning out their massive vintage collection and almost everything they had was right up my alley. I spent about $50, buying some stacking stools, more Fire King bowls, a Fire King casserole, a Fire King mug and the cake stand you see below.

The cherry on top, though, was the Fisher-Price record player at the top of the page. Oh my, I actually stopped breathing when I saw it. And they had loads of kids' records too, so I picked up a pile of oldies, but goodies for Ruby. It was awesome. I also stopped at a couple others and got a great cookie jar and some bintage Christmas ornaments. It was so great.

Then, after feeding my little dude, I was off to a massage at a fancy-pants spa. Then dinner out with Aaron and the kids, with friends waiting to surprise me at the restaurant. The whole day was genius on Aaron's part. And then we were home in time to see Michael Phelps win his eighth gold medal. On my birthday.


Veronique said...

Sounds like a kick ass birthday! I didn't even know that Fisher Price made a record player.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday....what a wonderful day.... love all your thrifty goodness.