Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Photo Friday: Dear Old Dad

Has it been two weeks? Oops. Life has really gotten in the way -- Henry is officially difficult (no longer sleeping through the night, no longer napping, getting teeth...), Ruby has been sick, school's starting in a week, I have a work assignment I have to do, the second season of Dexter is out on DVD... I swear there will be a post-Labour Day blogging extravaganza. Really.

Anyway, yesterday my strange but lovable father turned 65. He is officially a senior citizen, no longer in the age of majority. He's had his share of health problems over the years, so we're all glad that he made it to his golden years in relatively good health. Above is a picture of Dad when he was nine months old. He wouldn't like me saying this, but this picture pretty much looks like someone photoshopped his current head onto the body of a very sturdy baby. Happy birthday, big guy.

Is it gross that I'm letting Henry keep himself occupied right now by chewing on my bedroom slipper. And he just vomited on it. Great.

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BB said...

You gotta do what you gotta do. I don't think slipper chewing will have any lasting negative effects!