Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baggin' The Bags

Hey, I made some stuff! Ruby's playschool started today (oh, I can't even begin to tell you how cute the whole thing is -- I welled up several times watching her play with the kids) and she's required to bring a change of clothing and a snack. Since my own purse is a horrible mess, I decided I should probably get Ruby off to a good start in life by giving her a neat and organized backpack for her first day of school.

So, I made the above drawstring bag to keep her change of clothes in. I used this tutorial, since I wanted something lined, but not too complicated. Ruby chose the fabric from my stash -- I think it's from Superbuzzy (but maybe Reprodepot?) and it's got a sweet Sleeping Beauty theme. Then I just embroidered her name on it and felt very proud of myself. More proud in that I made it while both kids were awake, and playing together in the basement (which is where my machine lives now). It was awesome, and will likely never happen again.

The snack bag, was not nearly as successful. I used this tutorial, but skipped the lining, since it will only be used for little snacks, not full lunches. I also skipped the velcro and fastened it with a clothespin, a la Martha Stewart. I used a vinyl coated cotton from Reprodepot and while I looove the fabric, this stuff is a bitch to sew (pardon my french). I don't know if it would stand stiff enough if I seamed it on the inside, but sewing on the outside was really difficult. I think I may make another go of it (with lining) and see if running tissue under the presser foot would make it go easier. Or I just might buy one.

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Joanna said...

It looks good! Love the drawstring bag fabric. So sweet! I've had the same sticky problem with oil-cloth. I have oiled the cloth so it would slide under the foot of my machine smoothly but I recently read that sewing with a layer of tissue or using a teflon foot works too. I made 6 party-bags for K.'s 9th birthday party out of the stuff and the oil was messy so I guess next time I'll try the tissue trick.