Monday, December 01, 2008

Homey Holidays

I wanted to try to post as much as possible in November, I really did. But somehow, even though I had loads to post about last week, I just didn't get around to it with life and all. So, here are some little holiday vignettes -- there's been lots of Christmas prep going on in these parts, I tell ya.

Chocolate Thumbprint cookies from Martha Stewart's Cookie Book. Ruby give a big thumb(print)s up.

Gingerbread tree, as assembled and decorated by Ruby and Nana.

And (drumroll, please), the finished advent calendar, as seen at Allsorts. We cracked 'er open this morning. Ruby was most impressed. I'm most impressed that we now have a concrete visual aid to count the days until Christmas. After a Friday visit to Santa, Ruby spent the day telling Henry that it was Christmas eve and that Santa was coming that night. Hopefully life will be a bit more bearable with these little treat-stuffed envelopes counting down the sleeps for us.

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