Friday, May 15, 2009

Small Scale

Ladies (and maybe a gentleman or two, but I'm not sure), I present to you, my first finished quilt! Yes, it's just a doll quilt, but still, a quilt. I can not tell you how completely satisfied I was to finish this little beauty. Months ago I did the top and quilting on a quilt for Henry's eventual big boy bed, but I've been terrified to do the binding. Binding is an intimidating thing, I tell you. But now I know I can do it and I'm ready to quilt my little heart out.

I followed the doll quilt Sew-along that went up on Sew Mama Sew during their month of fat quarters (though, I didn't actually "sew-along"). Easy peasy. I used a bunch of scrap fabrics and the same backing that I used on Henry's still unfinished quilt. I'm really loving all the pink and hope Ruby freaks out when I hand it over to her to use with her dolls (she still loves putting her dollies to bed and pretending that she's their mama). I think this kind of quilt would be a great gift for a little girl and I look forward to making more as a way to try out new quilting techniques. Though, I do have some more larger scale plans (hint: I've been saving baby clothes for four years....)

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