Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Review: Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

If you're already a fan of Martha's awesome tome-style books (I'm thinking Cooking School, or the one with all the tips on how to keep your house clean), you're probably already all over her giant crafting encyclopedia. I for one am not always that interested when MS does crafting segments on her show. I'm way more of a needle and thread kind of crafter than a glue gun and jigsaw kind of girl, and Martha tends to lean towards the later. But, that doesn't mean that a book full of all kinds of crafting can't come in handy, right?

Set up like an actual encyclopedia, Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts offers chapters, A-Z, on all kinds of crafting categories. There really is a pretty broad range here: candle making, print making, glitter, working with shells, tin punching and many many more. Each section has an overview, some instructions and then sample projects. Of course, everything is gorgeous and looks neater and easier than it probably actually is, which is totally MS's forte.

So, while I can't see myself ever glue gunning sea shells all over a wastebasket or picture frame, there are a lot of amazing tips in here for smaller projects and just little things that may come in handy now and then. Like the Cooking School book, this is more of a resource that can sit on the shelf than a project book that you're going to want to make every single thing from. And it looks amazing -- although, from Martha, I'd never expect anything less.

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