Monday, May 25, 2009

Toronto, My Love

Okay, I realize that these are the least urban looking photos anyone has every come back with from a city like Toronto. Wow. But we were too busy talking and eating and visiting and drinking it all in to take photos on the street. Plus we didn't want to look like dorks.

Anyway, we're all home now. Renos still not finished. This is depressing. What's not depressing though, is the feeling that I desperately want to return to Toronto and drink in every brick of the city, but I was kind of happy to see Calgary. I spent most of the week telling people that I kind of hate it here, but once we got home, I immediately realized it wasn't true. Location is such a weird thing. I yearn to be settled, but I also yearn to live and experience more places. Stay tuned (you may have to stay tuned for many many years to see what happens next, but such is life).

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