Monday, June 01, 2009

Weekend Thrift

Rounds (green Pyrex -- $1, plain Fire KIng -- $2)

Amber Glass (nesting chicken -- $6, chip and dip -- $4)

Pretty mugs (10 cents each)

I actually had a really depressing weekend at the garage sales. You know, the kind of day where you're forcing yourself to drive around, dragging the kids with you, desperately trying to find some good stuff, but mostly stumbling upon crap. Buying stuff you don't need or even really want (I just can't put down anything that says "Fire King"). No magic this weekend, friends. I promised myself that I would let the garage sale mojo find me this season, rather than trying to chase it. I broke my own rule and I suffered the consequences. Still, a few nice things above, plus a few little (overpriced) Golden Books for Ruby and a small bag of (also overpriced) Little People. Overpriced, but appreciated.


cara lou said...

Those mugs are adorable!

I've been searching for Little People for William (we are talking the originals, right?) for awhile. All I can find are WAY overpriced so I haven't bought any yet. I'm so bummed. Got to keep looking...

Kirsten said...

I love those pedestal mugs — they'll look great in your new kitchen ;) I know exactly what you mean about letting the "garage sale mojo" come to you. I sometimes get frustrated when on the hunt and force it — push to find something good when I'm on a dead-end. When the mood strikes to thrift, I am an unmovable force! But it's true what they say, when you're not looking you end up finding the best stuff. And you did end up with that chicken. Awesome. Good luck on your next go-around!