Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tea and Cupcakes

I'm trying to switch from coffee to tea. Or, at the very least, substitute all but one of my three to four cups a day (mind you, they're vintage coffee cups, which are waaaay smaller than modern mugs). I've long been attracted to tea, and often impulse buy fancy and yummy looking flavours. As you can see, as a result, I have way too much tea. What you see here is mostly green tea, in various flavours and levels of caffeination. I pretty much stopped drinking any tea with a herbal component when I was breastfeeding Henry, because I was paranoid that it would decrease my milk production (I'm looking at you, jasmine).

So, I have a ton of tea, and even with the new kitchen, precious little cabinet space. Hence, I'm on a serious mission to drink all of this stuff. Hear me? No tea purchases (even if I happen to be in the same neighbourhood as the awesome loose tea cafe near Aaron's work) until all this stuff is gone. I'll have more cupboard space and I'll be full of antioxidants.

Oh, and on the cupcake front, I made the Chocolate Ginger cupcakes from the Martha Stewart book. A little too much gingerbread and too little chocolate for my taste, plus I think I overcooked them a tiny bit (still getting used to my new oven). Still, they were well received by guests and were even better heated up just a little bit and served with ice cream the next day. Hooray!

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