Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Thrift

Corn on the cob set! I've been looking for a decent set like this for ages. This one has never been used and includes a warming dish, four corn plates, a salt and pepper shaker, and a bowl for corn holders. I'm mildly obsessed with corn on the cob accessories (or any accessories that are this food specific) so I freaked out over this one, even though I'm pretty sure you can easily buy stuff like this brand new. Still, it seems to be made of a nice thin bone china rather than thick old modern ceramics, which makes me feel it may be vintage. $10.

A celery salt and pepper shaker. Very summery. $1

A Fire King baking dish. I believe the pattern is called Diamond Burst or Candleglow (it goes both ways). I have a burning desire to use this to make meatloaf. It's so atomic. 50 cents.

I didn't go thrifting too hard this weekend, so I think my mojo is still strong. Honestly, last summer I'd be out for hours at the garage sales and come home empty handed, but this year I've been doing well. Perhaps too well, as I think we'll be having a sale of our own pretty soon. But I'm not complaining.


Eve said...

Those shakers are awesome! I love your thrift posts. Do you usually thrift at garage sales or places like Value Village? Any tips on finding the good garage sales?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Eve,

Not sure if you're checking back here, but I didn't have an email for you -- all the stuff in this post is from garage sales. I usually stick to the garage sales when they're in season, because I find places like Value Village are getting way too expensive.

As for finding garage sales, I usually just drive around in my own neighbourhood (or head to slightly older neighbourhoods) and see what I can find. My luck has been particularly good this year -- often this method doesn't work out so well. I wish I had some better tips, but for me it's mostly dumb luck.